Letters: Remembrance of Al Pinsonneault


I recently became aware of the passing of one of the founding members of The Bennington Rescue Squad, Al Pinsonneault. I met Al when I joined BRS in 1981. He was one of the most decent and friendly people that I have ever had the pleasure to know. As treasurer he was the longtime custodian of Bennington Rescue’s funds and oversaw our efforts to raise funds from the community. He, more than any other, insured the long-term solvency of The Bennington Rescue Squad. He was so careful with our money that he would chastise people for things such as leaving lights on in unattended rooms at the squad house.

I am told that he continued to fulfill his duties as treasurer until two weeks before he passed. I am also told that there is an image of Al posted on the wall adjacent to one of the light switches as a posthumous reminder that if we are not careful with our money, we might end up broke.

Al showed us, as many other squad member have, the value of community service. Al Pinsonneault epitomized what we can accomplish when we work together to achieve common goals. From a handful of people with lofty goals and a broken down hearse in 1963 to one of the premier emergency service providers in Vermont, BRS has evolved in ways the founders could never have envisioned.

I can only urge anyone reading this to follow Al’s example and find a way to give back to your community. I assure you that you will get far more back than you put in. It is the essence of our humanity.

Al, thank you so much for your incredible contribution to the greater Bennington community. What a gift that you were with us long enough to see our 50th anniversary celebration last spring at the Equinox.


Loudon, N.H.


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