Letters: Red Cross thanks


Many thanks to the wonderful blood donors and the gracious Dorset Church ladies who served the canteen on Saturday, March 29. The numbers were good for a Saturday. Thanks to Dorset Union Store, Gourmet Deli, Mother Myrick’s, Mrs. Murphy’s, Price Chopper, Shaw’s and Wilcox Ice Cream for their contributions. The next blood drive is Wednesday, June 4, from noon to 5:30 p.m. at the First Congregational Church, Manchester Village. Please mark your calendars. Hope to see many of you there. Your blood saves lives. For more info and appointments call 800-733-2767.


Manchester Red Cross Coordinator


Support a livable wage

I am writing this letter because I believe a livable wage bill should be put on the front burner. I support H.522 which would put the minimum wage up to $12.50 an hour. This is a good start towards reaching a livable wage. It would give thousands of Vermonters a chance to access things like mental health services or much needed dental care, both of which are out of my reach and the reach of many of your neighbors. Shuffling money from program to program hasn’t worked in the past. This might help to stimulate economy and give Vermonters a chance to live a more dignified life, and to take better care of our families. Please join me and call your Rep. about H.522.



Move forward on immigration reform

Imagine that every time you got into your car to take your child to school, you had to live with the fear that you might never see them again. For millions of immigrant moms, that fear is real. And it’s real for moms right here in Vermont. I fast because no mom should have to live with that fear.

I grew up in Middlesex, but today I join 1,500 women from all over the country who have fasted this month with the organization We Belong Together to urge Congress and the President to move forward on immigration reform that treats women fairly and keeps families together.

I fast because police departments in our state are not complying with Vermont’s Bias Free Policing law. Instead of offering protection to mothers dropping their kids at school, some local law enforcement agencies are exercising racial bias and collaborating with immigration enforcement to tear mothers from their children through detention and deportation.

This has to stop. I fast to demand that Vermont’s police departments comply with bias free policing. I fast to demand that Congress pass immigration reform that treats women fairly and keeps families together. I fast to demand that President Obama stop deportations.

I don’t ask that you fast with me today, but I hope that over breakfast with your family, or lunch with friends, you will take a moment to appreciate the meal and the company and think of what you will do.



Thanks for supporting playground fundraiser

On behalf of the Fisher Parent Teacher Group, I would like to thank everyone who came out to support the Second Annual Alumni Basketball Challenge. It was a fun night of composition among Fisher Elementary faculty, staff and parents, as well as Arlington alumni and varsity team players. A special thank you to Fisher parents Chris and Amanda Taft who organized the fundraiser. We raised over $1,400 for the Fisher Playground Fund.


Principal, Fisher Elementary



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