Letters: Recycling Vermont government employees?


The current administration claims they want Vermonters to have opportunities to be employed, to support themselves, families and the Vermont economy. Are taxpayers aware that in state government offices throughout this state there is serious double dipping currently being engaged in? The tax department is a prime example of this. The division that processes revenue received from various taxes has employed two "temporary" employees, for over 10 years. Not just the five month income season but for weeks every month of the year. Why can’t the permanent staff accomplish the monthly workload without using temporary staff for years? Both held temp positions in two different state offices during the year for several years. One of these temporary employees, is a state government retiree. Currently receiving a pension and pay as a temporary from the state, on social security and works another job in private sector. Why aren’t these temporary jobs being made available to others in need of employment? Likewise, state government retirees are rehired back as contractual employees sometimes receiving a higher salary.

Why not hire Vermonters with fresh ideas. Why do we keep recycling retirees? Why is the Department of Human Resources who is responsible for approving temporary use allowing this? This has been the practice under both Democratic and Republican administrations. Isn’t the double dipping into taxpayer’s money unfair? Contact the Governor’s hot line and your legislative representatives now. Tell them this is an unacceptable practice.



Appreciating the trees and flowers on Main Street

As I was driving down Main Street the other day, I was thinking about how fortunate we are to have such a beautiful, tree-lined street with potted flowers and hanging plants on the poles. Every year the flowers are arranged differently and the choice of flowers vary. This year is even more outstanding.

My favorite is the mini bushes with the yellow flowers. It just seems like little rays of sunshine peeping through the leaves. Many thanks to those responsible for the planting and upkeep of these floral designs.

I think if you would compare our Main Street to all the others in the state, Bennington would take top honors.




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