Letters: Real purpose of Article 27?

Friday February 15, 2013

The financial information in this letter comes from the current Town of Pownal’s Annual Report.

On pg. 91, ballot article (27) reads -- Shall the Town of Pownal vote to eliminate the office of Town Auditors and the Selectboard shall contract with a certified public accountant?

On pg. 7, Auditors’ note, the town financial records ending June 30, 2012 were audited by a Professional Auditing Firm, Bonadio & Co., LLP, Certified Public Accountants. The town has contracted with this firm for auditing the financial records for each year for the next three fiscal years.

On pg. 40, Total audit expense, we have a fund for professional audit in the amt. $11,000 for 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and increased to $13,000 for 2013-2014. Auditors (in house) wages are also shown for the same years.

This ballot article (27) was not petitioned by the voters, but put on the ballot by the Selectmen on a 3-2 vote. Selectmen Brownell and Bisson against.

We have always had three auditors and outside audits by CPA’s. What is the real purpose behind Article 27? Getting rid of auditor Ray Shields?


Pownal Running for the Pownal School Board

I am running for the vacant three year term on the Pownal School Board. I have lived in Pownal for the last 35 years. Both my sons attended Pownal Elementary School and Mt. Anthony Union High School. I served on the Pownal Rescue Squad as an EMT-I for 12 years. At the present time I am on the Fire District #2 Board (Pownal Water Board). I am asking for your vote on March 5 because I believe the children of Pownal should have the best education we the voters of Pownal can get for them. Like the rest of you I ask my self are the tax dollars being spent on what the children need to do well in high school, college and finding a job later in life. If I am elected I will make the best choices I can to make sure our tax dollars are wisely spent. Once I am on the school board my 40 years working as a Field Engineer in computer repair should give me insights into the skills a person needs in both school and the workplace.




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