Letters: Re: Times article stating there is heroin in MAUHS


I am speaking on behalf of the student body at MAU.

Recently, there was a front-page article on the New York Times about the drug abuse in Bennington, specifically Heroin. Reading this article, I was appalled at the awful things being said about our town; but when the article started to talk about my high school, that is when I got angry.

Vermont State Trooper Wayne Godfrey was quoted in the New York Times as saying, "Everyone is doing it. It’s in the high school. The kids are doing it right in school. You find Baggies in the hallway." I am in no way trying to offend Officer Godfrey, but never has anyone been so wrong. For him to use a generalized statement that "everyone is doing it" is ridiculous.

Being a student from MAU, I can sincerely say that never once have I seen drugs littering the hallways or students engaging in drug use. Our principal, Sue Maguire, has confirmed that never once has there been even one incident in which heroin has been found on the school grounds or any incidence of students taking heroin on our facility. I understand that Bennington has a drug problem, but in no way, shape, or form does this include the majority of students as well as our town.

There are many good kids at our school, me being one of them, who don’t participate in drugs. All of my friends and acquaintances at MAU do not do drugs. The New York Times also quoted a young woman as saying "there’s nothing to do here. Come wintertime, everyone is inside using." Personally, I can find better things to do with my life instead of taking drugs. For instance, I play soccer, swim, ski, take piano lessons, volunteer in a Kindergarten class every day, volunteer as a youth church group leader, ice skate, babysit, go to the movies, go bowling, play golf, walk my dog, read and study. I basically do everything but take drugs.

The teachers and staff work very hard to keep MAU a safe and fun place to learn. MAU is a safe and fun place to learn; but now MAU is known internationally as a drug-filled school thanks to the New York Times and their irresponsible reporting.


A proud student of MAU Concerned about allegations in recent New York Times article

We, as members of Mt. Anthony High School’s Global Issues class, read with concern the article in the New York times dated March 5, 2014 alleging that there is a definite heroin problem within the halls of our school, and that the crisis continues to grow.

This is emphatically not the case. These unsupported claims are most assuredly false. Not only have there never been any "baggies" found within the halls of our school, there’s rarely even any trash that could be mistaken for illegal paraphernalia found in our hallways.

We welcome any person from the community or elsewhere to make an appointment to come in and check things out for themselves.

Our school, typical of any high school in the nation, is full of a diverse student body made up of scholars, athletes, artists, musicians, and volunteers. These allegations have tarnished our reputation as a place of learning.

We are proud to go to Mount Anthony, and want everyone to know it.

and his Contemporary Global Issues
students from MAUHS


Congratulations and thanks

I want to congratulate everyone who won in the Pownal Town elections on Tuesday, March 4. I hope now the Town can move in the right direction and townspeople will feel welcome to attend meetings, voice their opinions, and be treated with the respect and dignity they all deserve.

I would also like to thank everyone who came out on such a cold day to support me. I really appreciated it.




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