Letters: Re: ‘Medical’ marijuana -- myths and truths


I find it difficult to accept Ms. Davis’ contentions regarding what she calls "medical" (sic) marijuana when she so frequently cites the FDA and its position in these matters.

We should remember that this is the same FDA that accepted the preposterous allegations regarding the addiction risks for OxyContin as presented by Purdue Pharma. This gave the green light to the wide distribution and subsequent abuse of the aforementioned drug which, when re-formulated too late, has contributed greatly to our national heroin issue.

This is the same FDA that over-ruled a panel of experts it assembled and okayed the release of Zohydro, a drug state governors are dreading partly because of the pain inflicted by the previous big release of a "painkiller." And they say irony is dead. Probably died of an overdose.

When marijuana deaths exceed the over 1,800 college student deaths that happen every year and can be directly linked to alcohol, we should worry, but until that time it would be nice to see that rather startling number reduced by some state "prohibition" of a proven problem.



Thanks to all who supported the Shires Of Vermont Marathon

As the race director of The Shires of Vermont Marathon, I would like to thank the more than 200 volunteers, 375 registrants, 25 sponsors including Stratton Mountain and Southern Vermont HealthCare, Chief Mike Hall and the Manchester Police Department, the Bennington Sheriff’s Office, the town governments from Bennington, Shaftsbury, Arlington, Sunderland, and Manchester, the Estate of Richard and Nadine Hayes, and the residents along the route of the marathon. The kind consideration of these varied interests helped make the marathon a very big success.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Bennington College and Riley Rink at Hunter Park for use of their facilities. Their generosity helped offer the unique benefits to runners of having the start and the finish within 100 feet of buildings that were capable of giving all participants shelter and in the case of Riley Rink showers so our athletes could enjoy the Shires refreshed and clean.

The compliments from participants continue to roll in. Mostly they comment on how beautiful the Shires is and how friendly and welcoming the people are. Seeing our communities come together and put on a great event make me very proud of living here.

Thank you again to everyone that helped make this event special.



Enjoyed local restaurant

We’d like to commend to folks in town the wonderful food at the "new" Bennington Station.

Last night we had a filet mignon and a lobster dish that could not be surpassed for flavor, appearance and texture. The service was excellent also.

We look forward to returning and sampling other tempting dishes on the new menu.

This is a first class restaurant.




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