Letters: Promises, Promises!


Chuck Gregory of Springfield ("Browning is selling Vermonters short") says he’s sure that if I were immediately summoned to an IRS audit, I wouldn’t think they were being reasonable, if they didn’t give me time to assemble my paperwork. He somehow compares that to what Rep. Cynthia Browning tried to do, when she introduced an amendment that would have forced the Shumlin administration to produce financing proposals for Green Mountain Care.

Actually, the more accurate comparison would be for Chuck to ignore an IRS summons for an audit, year after year, for a few years without any accountability.

Act 48 was passed in 2011. The administration was bound to produce a financing plan to pay for Green Mountain Care by January 2013. That date was ignored, and so the governor bought some time by promising to have a plan during the 2014 legislative session. Well, that didn’t happen either. That’s when Rep. Browning stepped in with her amendment for some accountability, which was soundly defeated by the legislature.

The most recent promise is to have a financing plan by January 2015, right after the November 2014 election. That’s what I call convenient.

The country needs a comprehensive health plan, and The Affordable Care Act is a start. But a state health care plan that’s going to cost more than $2 billion -- can it be placed directly on the backs of Vermont small business people?

Senate Finance Committee chairman, Tim Ashe pointed out that "The majority of small businesses in Vermont currently pay nothing for healthcare, because they don’t offer it ..." So, if when you force the majority of Vermont small businesses to go from nothing to mandatory (with criminal penalties) tax estimated to be as high as 16 percent of payroll, what do you think is going to happen to the guy in the service station, or the woman with the health food store? Will they sell more products and services to pay the taxes? Or maybe they’ll just get rid of a few employees, or go out of business. There won’t be anything to audit then.

This is a really dumb idea.



Norshaft Lions

Norshaft Lions club have been quietly very busy of late with activities that do not necessarily come directly to the public’s attention. The exception being the our annual Easter egg hunt at the Park McCullough Mansion. This event was well attended and a great deal of fun and enjoyment was had by all. The kids taking part found all 1,300 eggs that had been carefully hidden away. Well done, kids! We have also collected over 100 children’s books that have been distributed among the schools in the Norshaft area. Thank you all for contributing to that collection, it is much appreciated.

We are already planning our participation in the annual Memorial day parade which will be in Shaftsbury this year. We look forward to seeing you there.

Finally we would like to congratulate Bennington Lions Club on their 75 years of continuous service to the local community. Service that has contributed so much to our community.

LION MIKE, Norshaft Lions Club

North Bennington and Shaftsbury


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