Letters: Praise for the generosity of a local boy


Cody Casey, a second-grade student at Manchester Elementary Middle School, wanted to do something for the Wounded Warriors at the Vermont Veterans' Home. With the help of his grandfather, Roger Preuss, who is a Marine, the 8-year-old held a raffle for a Christmas tree and donated the proceeds of $213 to the Vermont Veterans' Home.

We at the Veterans' Home would like to acknowledge and publicly thank Cody for his wonderful gift, not only of money, but for caring for our veterans. We are honored that he chose the Vermont Veterans' Home as the beneficiary of his hard work and we are grateful to this young man for his generosity to our Veterans.


Executive Assistant, Vermont Veterans' Home


Native Vermonters

Ever wonder why some Vermont newcomers get so much pleasure finding fault and criticizing one of our Select Board members who may be the only native Vermonter on the Board. It reminds me of the Irish song; "The strangers come and try to teach us their ways, and blame us for being what we are, but they might as well go chasing moonbeams, and light a penny candle from a star."

Some flatlanders fail to recognize that the Harrington name is well known and respected in Shaftsbury and Vermont. In fact, I believe it goes way back to the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock. They fail to realize that Mr. Harrington represents and speaks for the majority of the voters. In Shaftsbury the majority rules. If they want to replace him, let it be at the polls.

Other natives should be congratulated for supporting Mr. Harrington who is a true Vermont Yankee and an all American Boy.

Some people believe that there are no Vermonters in Heaven. They try it for awhile and then decide to return to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont to practice the Golden Rule and to love thy neighbor as thy self.

A good way to begin the New Year is to "never say an unkind word about anyone because the second it leaves your lips, the damage has been done and never forgotten." If you can't say something good, keep your "Tater Trap" shut, unless you want a special treat. Try a Harrington Holiday Hickory Smoked Ham.

Although I have been a Shaftsbury resident for nearly 60 years, I am still referred to as a "leaf peaker" and will never earn the "native" title.




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