Letters: Potential monthly designations


March is Multiple Myeloma awareness month. March was so designated by our Selectboard as well as our State Representatives and has received a lot of attention in the Banner. This attention led me to think about potential designations for the remaining months of the year. I propose the following:

APRIL: "I’m homeless and I live under the bridge" awareness month.

MAY: "I’m so stupid for smoking" awareness month.

JUNE: "I’m hungry because my mom has no money and no income" awareness month.

JULY: "I’m an addict, and I want to get clean, but all the rehabs have a long wait list" awareness month.

AUGUST: "I dropped out of school and no one will hire me" awareness month.

SEPTEMBER: "I’m mentally ill and I’m scared because they have to send me to a hospital out of town" awareness month.

OCTOBER: "I drink five 6-packs each weekend, but I don’t have an alcohol problem" awareness month.

NOVEMBER: "My boyfriend beat me, but it must have been something I did" awareness month.

DECEMBER: "I can’t do anything about these problems" awareness month.

The point is that everyone in Bennington needs to help with these problems. Please give some of your time or money to one of the organizations in town that is trying to cope with these issues.


Bennington Thanks to supporters of MAUMS Winter Carnival

On March 1, Mount Anthony Union Middle School hosted its annual Winter Carnival. Games, entertainment and food were provided for our students and families. The Winter Carnival is made possible by the efforts of the entire school community. I would like to thank our Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) for sponsoring the event, providing prizes and volunteers.

Thank you to the parents and students who also volunteered time to run games and activities. Thank you to our teachers who organized games and donated prizes. Thank you to the custodians and support staff who made sure our beautiful building was ready for the day.

Lastly, thank you to our community who came out and supported this great event. We hope to see you at next year’s Winter Carnival.

Mount Anthony Union Middle School


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