Letters: Possibility of non-support disappointing

Tuesday July 9, 2013

The recent decision by the local Knights of Columbus to possibly not support the local Scout troop is disappointing. I have mixed feelings about the Scouting organization now that they continue to discriminate against gay Scout leaders. However, they have taught many young boys great life skills that will help them throughout their adult lives.

My father was a very active member of the Knights of Columbus in my hometown when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Through the K of C he was involved in many community minded activities and the group supported many organizations.

I remember feeling proud to tell my friends that my Dad was an officer in the Knights of Columbus.

My father did not judge people. As long as a person wasn’t lazy and wasn’t hurting anyone, he could accept and support them. Even though he’s been gone for over 27 years, I like to think that he would have stood up against this plan to not support the local Scouts. The times are changing and we are all becoming more and more tolerant. It’s time for some organizations to open their minds and hearts to these changes.



Mosquitoes a problem in Williamstown

What an unpleasant time caused by the many mosquitoes that fly around me in Williamstown. Other folks are even more pestered by them than I am. Having to spend considerable time outdoors they can attacked by these little insects both day and night.

Yes, people rub or spray on various items like OFF, which fortunately comes in various strengths, but which require wise handling.

What a shame that Williamstown lets mosquitoes thrive here, when in the past the town had them destroyed, by spraying them from local airplanes or trucks and thereby encouraging tourists and other summer visitors to come. These days their presence must drive tourists elsewhere.

If mosquitoes are a problem for you, call the Williamstown Health Department, 458-9344. Write a letter to the North Adams Transcript or the Berkshire Eagle or call our town manager. You would need his assistant’s number which is 458-3500.

Perhaps, many town residents’ complaints will succeed in getting the town to rid us of this infestation, just as it has in the past and as other nearby communities do.


Williamstown, Mass.


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