Letters: Peace doesn't come easy

Thursday May 9, 2013

Peace doesn't come easy

Last Sunday as this writer was attending Mass, I was struck by the laughing little children coming up the aisles with their papers from their instruction period. They always seem to be so happy and gay there in their own little world. I hope and I pray that they never will have to know anything but the peace they know in that church. But we learned recently, in Boston and Bengazi, that peace doesn't come easy.

We have a terrible enemy facing us, not only all over the world, but again, right in our own back yard.

We have a very capable military, police force, but I believe the government we have, is incapable of leading us successfully, either militarily, or economically, or any other way for that matter. And we owe it to all those little kids depending on us, to do better.




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