Letters: Opposed to Shires Housing project


I am opposed to the Shires Housing project on Silver Street. Building more low-income units in Bennington at this particular time will create an artificial housing market.

The project will only take people out of existing apartments around town, put them in the new units and leave local landlords with vacancies.

This will cause further decline in our real estate values. Not only that, but it will also raise the number of town residents who are dependent on public support. Bennington does not need another low-income housing development for the taxpayers to support. We need businesses to employ our people.

The negative reaction to this project is evident by the involvement of our tax-paying homeowners and citizens.

We need our government leaders to do what’s right for Bennington and refuse the grant that they previously approved.

We also need the DRB to take a close look at this project and listen to the people. Vote to not just "rubber stamp" its approval.

Please attend the Development Review Board meeting on August 5.


Bennington Not too late to withdraw support of housing project

I support access to affordable, decent housing for low-income persons, but I am not in support of the latest Shires Housing project proposed for Silver Street in Bennington.

Increasing the amount of perpetual rental properties (subsidized or not) is not in Bennington’s best interest, increasing the number of privately owned homes is. The creation of a land trust, with properties owned by a non-profit, but where the houses are purchased (at low mortgage rates) by low-income Vermonters would have multiple benefits for Bennington and its residents.

Homeowners will gain pride of ownership, a vested interest in the community and the opportunity to accrue equity, the Town of Bennington would benefit by having existing derelict homes renovated and put back on the grand list and integrated neighborhoods will create new opportunities for networking and collaboration.

It is not too late for the Board of Shires Housing and the Bennington Select Board to withdraw support for the Silver Street project.



Need speed control on East Road

I am glad the State Police and the towns of Arlington, Sandgate, Sunderland, Dorset, Glastenbury, Shaftsbury, Pownal, Readsboro, Stamford, Woodford, Searsburg and Rupert are forming a community watch. Wiat happened to Bennington? With the town police, state police, sheriff and county police there is still no speed control on East Road. Maybe we also need a community watch.



Re: Roses and thorns, Captain Andrew Schoerke

Your editorial is "right on." Shame on the bureaucrats who have targeted Captain Schoerke for his opposition to the drone action. I can’t think of a more onerous misuse of governmental power.


Philadelphia, Pa.


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