Letters: On the NBGS vote; vote for Wilton

Thursday November 1, 2012

To the residents of the NBGS District:

The Prudential Committee of the North Bennington Graded School District would like to express appreciation to all our residents and voters for their active participation in our recently concluded special election.

We believe the recently concluded process was democracy at work, and we are extremely grateful to each and every resident who took the time to attend the public meetings, express their views, and cast their votes in the special election.

We truly believe there were no winners or losers in the special election. Each ballot cast was a vote in support of our school. Some members of our community have faith in the public school model, others saw the future of the school moving forward as an independent town academy.

While there were differing views on governance, there was so much that we agreed upon. No matter their views on the governance structure, our residents repeatedly shared with us the pride they feel in the exceptional quality of our school, their respect and admiration for the staff of our school, the affection they have for the work the staff does with our children, and how important the school is to North Bennington now and in the future. It is these beliefs that unite us, and it is from this common ground that we must move forward.

To those that supported the work of the ISIS Committee: We appreciate your dedication, trust, and vision. To those that supported the public school model: We appreciate your devotion, your passion, and belief in our school.

As expressed at our public meeting, no matter the outcome of the vote there are many challenges before us if we are to preserve our special little school. We will only succeed if all of us join together in common purpose to ensure our community school continues to serve our children now and into the future.





NBGS Prudential Committee.

Vote for Wilton

Next week we get to vote for candidates for state and federal offices. Included among the positions being filled is state treasurer. While there are two candidates running, in my mind there is only one choice, Wendy Wilton.

I've known Wendy for over 15 years and know her character, her motivations and her willingness to work hard to make things right. Like our former Governor Douglas, who endorses Wendy, I can't think of anyone better than Wendy Wilton for the job of state treasurer. My endorsement is based on my personal knowledge as well as her service as state senator and her exemplary work as the City of Rutland treasurer.

While it may seem obscure, the state treasurer's office is important. Wendy will provide the strong and independent leadership we need to keep checks and balances in place. She will make government more accountable and she will provide open and clear communication to lawmakers and the citizens of Vermont.

Wendy Wilton is a native Vermonter who has invested her time and energy to our benefit. Please vote to elect Wendy our next state treasurer.


Manchester Center


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