Letters: On Reagan’s column; Dunbar for the House

Friday October 5, 2012

Reagan’s column: Arrogant, greedy, dangerous

I would be grateful if columnist Michael Reagan could get through a column without writing the words, "my father, Ronald Reagan."

But I’m writing to comment on his Sept. 13 column where he presents his objections to an electric automobile. He writes, "I say, go out and buy the biggest damn SUV you want. Enjoy your life. Light a cigar. Step on the gas. And don’t waste a [dime on an electric car]."

In these days of high unemployment, high gas prices, world turmoil, environmental concerns and dysfunction within the American political system, this statement from a nationally syndicated political columnist is blatantly, grossly, and perhaps dangerously irresponsible. It reeks of pure arrogance, greed, and selfishness and sets a horrible example.

Mr. Reagan’s point of view is, "Me first, us first, and to hell with anybody who doesn’t agree." His writings reveal a lot about his personal and political character. Regarding this quote in particular, I think he should get a good editor to help him avoid sounding like an idiot.


Bennington Dunbar for state rep

To the voters of the mountain towns: I write to encourage you to vote for Emmett Dunbar for state representative. I have had a wonderful business relationship with Emmett for 15 years. I hold a great deal of respect for him, as a farmer, a business man and a family man.

I have been serving his locally grown organic produce at The Perfect Wife Restaurant since 1997. In those years we have been good friends who understand each other’s businesses and work well together to keep our businesses viable. We hosted a meet and greet at the restaurant for Vince Illuzi, a long-standing Republican state senator, who is running for state auditor. Emmett attended the event and was able to spend time speaking with me about his ideas and concerns. Emmett can relate to Senator Illuzi’s views on fiscal responsibility with a strong commitment to the need for high-quality education without excessive spending.

As a legislator I know Emmett will speak to the importance of early childhood education, affordable infant and toddler daycare, and the value of investing in Vermont’s future: all of our children.

In addition, Emmett is part of the working landscape of Vermont. As a farmer, Emmett supports the development of agricultural business statewide, and the Vermont products that have come to be known throughout the country due to their excellence.

Emmett mentioned that he intends to be on the Commerce Committee when serving as representative. I am a member of the Vermont Farm Trail that Emmett created for our region. It has been a beneficial marketing strategy and is exactly the kind of project that our local economy can benefit from.

I am confident that Emmett, a new voice, will speak strongly for small Vermont communities like yours, which, in turn, can also help small towns like mine.



The Perfect Wife

Manchester Center


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