Letters: No way to govern the United States

Heck of a way to govern America

Are we rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell, asked Merle Haggard in an old country song quite a few years ago. In this writer's opinion, that is exactly what we are doing.

Too many of us either don't know or do not want to listen to the warnings being screamed at us, or heed the writing on the wall that shows how effective the Fabian Socialists really are, who are posing as old line Democrats. People who think that the same old rules of electing our representatives will prevail next time around ought to look at history. They won't.

The takers have out numbered the paying earners, and that can't change under the present administration's program no matter how much money they borrow or print, I feel. The only thing that matters to the takers is the government handout. They don't seem to care about anything else. Let's examine things that are vital for our salvation that don't seem to matter anymore.

1. Not the ability to tax our way out of our troubles. Our economy can't be improved without good jobs and healthy income. But they think they can do it by raising taxes - jobs or no jobs. And if us bottom feeders think that only the rich need be concerned, better get ready for the storm.

2. Not the debt, especially if our ability to pay it off is off the charts.

3. Not jobs, without letting our free markets out of the prison they have it in, coupled with a reason to bring back those businesses that left for other countries, after they would not stand for the government intervention that was blocking them from competing successfully.

4. Not U.S. energy, the development of which due to the latest technology would make our country able to out-produce any other country, and make us the envy of the world, if we were not handcuffed by an administration that seems bent on keeping us down.

5. Not security. We left four American countrymen fighting and dying for us and this administration in the rubble. Can we believe they really care about us? No one in the government knows anything about the latest scandal to involve the administration. It reminds me of what Dante said, "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain neutrality." I would like to add that it also should apply to those who claim ignorance to avoid the truth when they know full well exactly what happened.

We need to pray for help, because Washington cannot replace the God they are taking away from us that gave us the peace and security we knew as the American way of life.




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