Letters: No Obama spin zone

Thursday October 4, 2012

Facts and no spins about Barack Obama

Racism and lying: Barack Hussein Obama attended his choice of church services of the Rev. Wright on Sundays "for 20 years," listening to Rev. Wright blasting white people in every sermon.

When Obama decided to enter national politics by running for president of our country, he quickly severed his ties with Rev. Wright, realizing that must be done to get votes. When questioned about Rev. Wright, Obama lied by stating he does not remember Rev. Wright ever expressing racism in the sermons. This clearly makes Barack Obama a racist and a liar.

I understand folks who voted for him, feeling it wonderful to have a non-white person rise to such heights, as I might have, but "blinding themselves" to his 20 years with Rev. Wright and lying about it was too much for me to swallow.

When I was 6 or 7, 80 years ago, I had a sometimes friendship with an African American boy. The culture of most people in those days was discrimination and segregation. I did not like that. The boy told me that when he went to the library, he was requested to leave, the excuse given that he was making too much noise. He told me that he was quiet. He could not read or write one word, but he appreciated looking at pictures in magazines. He stayed in one grade a few years until allowed to quit school. At that time, I told him that I had to see my dentist every couple weeks to have my braces tightened, and if we both went together a half hour before my appointment, he would have time to look at pictures in magazines.

The point to the story is that I know what discrimination is. Barack Obama is a classic bona fide discriminator against white people. I prefer a president who doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

Abortion: Assuming life begins at conception, intentional abortion is in violation of the Ten Commandments, specifically "Thou shall not kill." A Christian does not "pick and choose" which commandments they do or do not wish to comply with. President Barack Obama comes closer to "accepting" intentional abortion than does Mitt Romney.

When I was less than half my current age and did not know what I was doing, as a pharmacist I was asked and accepted to serve on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood of Springfield, Vt. Within three months, I resigned. I was so ashamed of those months, I felt my mind was dirtied, and I have always wished I could erase those months from my life. Planned Parenthood does perform some good services to women, but the way they perform abortions is beyond belief.

Our taxes and president support that organization.

Economy: The average worker takes home over $4,000 less than four years ago. President Barack Obama states: "If you’ve got a business, you did not build that." How does that grab you? Shame on you, President Barack Obama.

Defense: Has not that following statement been proven true through the year? "The best peace is achieved through strength." This president states he will reduce our armed defense budget sharply.

When one of our drones malfunctioned and went down in enemy territory, President Obama "hesitated" long enough to allow the enemy to hide it and "the technology." Mitt Romney said he would have destroyed it "instantly" using another nearby drone. And why should a president of U.S. bow down to other nations leaders apologizing for wrongs we have caused them? The USA helps oppressed people and we should be praised. What’s the matter with this guy?

Energy: Why did not President Obama allow Keystone oil from Canada, off-shore drilling, and Anwar drilling in a tiny part of Alaska? Very poor foresight for a leader.

Education: As long as the public teaching profession continues tenure and unions, we will continue having problems getting our young people properly educated. Simple as that ! Private and religious schools turn out the better educated, and at less cost. President Obama supports the "at less cost," President Barack Obama supports the tenure and union philosophy. Enough said!

Vote your heart and conscience and for those closer to God.




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