Letters: No lions and rattlesnakes but maybe mad hatters

Monday October 8, 2012

Wow. I just finished reading Lawrence Harrington’s response to my letter in the Banner, and I feel like Alice at the Mad Hatters Tea Party. I’m not sure what to say since Mr. Harrington read so much into the letter that was never there.

I’m still scratching my head about the "Catholic Card." And in rereading my letter, I don’t see Paul Ryan’s name mentioned at all. I did write that I was concerned about the extreme right-wing’s agenda toward women. Defunding Planned Parenthood which provides so many women with health care; callously talking about "legitimate rape;" and not willing to give equal pay for equal work does not represent the mindset of any Catholics that I know.

By the way, I am not a Bennington College graduate, but the way you referenced that particular stereotype I think you just denigrated a whole segment of our town. In fact, by presenting yourself as the "old Vermonter" against the "educated" (elitist?) Bennington College student you are the one pushing class warfare.

And finally no, I’m not afraid of bears or rattlesnakes. I respect them and I don’t intrude on their habitat. Education is a good thing. It can take the blinders off your eyes and let you see beyond the rhetoric that so many people are spewing. I recommend it highly as it helps one to get beyond the "lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!" mentality.


Bennington In support of Beth Pearce for treasurer

As a former Vermont state representative (1987-97) and a retired Vermont teacher of 33 years, I have worked with and watched the performance of several of Vermont’s state treasurers. With that perspective, and based on her performance, I believe Beth deserves to continue as state treasurer.

During the uncertain economic times that have followed the national financial collapse and the subsequent recession, Beth has been instrumental in preserving and protecting Vermont’s state retirement funds and bond rating. Following the destruction of Tropical Storm Irene, I saw firsthand how effectively Beth worked with the people of the Deerfield Valley in their recovery by assisting them with state highway aid and education tax and payment matters. She was decisive, focused, and committed.

I currently serve with Beth on the Vermont Student Assistance Corp. Board of Directors. In this capacity I have observed her to be clear-thinking, knowledgeable, intelligent, and competent. Her approach to money management is both prudent and responsible.

Since early in 2011, when she became Vermont’s state treasurer, Beth Pearce has demonstrated the non-partisan and professional commitment to her position that Vermonters want and deserve. Please join me in voting for her.



Patriotic Americans want all U.S. citizens to vote

I’m getting out to vote right now! I have cast my votes for the upcoming election and will drop it off at the town clerk today.

Yes, it’s early voting here in Vermont. I love it and plenty of folks all over the U.S. are doing it too. I hear that the Republicans don’t much care for it though. Maybe they are afraid that if too many folks vote they’ll tip the election in the Democrats favor.

It’s the patriotic Americans that want all U.S. citizens to vote. They go out of their way to get people registered. They don’t care if the folks are poor, rich, on social security, military disability, handicapped, etc. The so-called "47 percent" will vote in this election.

All people in the U.S. that are citizens need to register and vote. It’s our responsibility as Americans. I appreciate the fact that I can vote and am honored to do so.




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