Letters: McClaughry's math; the dirtiest fight of all

Wednesday October 10, 2012

McClaughry's health care math is off

After reading John McClaughry commentary in the Banner (Oct. 2) 1 have several questions. He says: "The Obama/Democratic policy relies mainly on cutting back on reimbursements to providers" as their way to save Medicare. With the Republican voucher plan seniors will get the same coverage at a lower cost.

How can the voucher system provide the same coverage at a lower cost without lowering reimbursements to providers? If I get a voucher and find an insurance company that will give me the same coverage at a lower price, how can they do that without cutting back on the reimbursements to the providers?

If they say by eliminating waste, just what waste are they talking about? I suppose they can save money by paying their employees less and cut their benefits.



The dirtiest fight of all

Probably the dirtiest fight ever to occur within the confines of the squared circle, according to the sages of the sweet science at least, was that between champion Fritzie Zivic and Al "Bummy" Davis.

Zivic knocked Davis down in the first round and thumbed him in the eye in the second. Davis then went berserk and hit Zivic with no fewer than 10 foul blows, it has been reported, causing the referee to disqualify him. He then kicked the referee and had to be restrained from attacking Zivic. Obviously, he was disqualified.

But if anyone thinks that was bad, wait until you see what will happen from now until election day between the combatants for the office of president of these United States of America.

For example, the grand pooh bah of the Democratic Party in California said, just before the Democratic convention convened, that the Republicans in their convention were a bunch of Nazis. No one has bothered to call him out to prove these charges. To many voters, a lie left unchallenged is just as good as the truth in the voting booth.

Yet today, I think Harry Reid, who in this writer's opinion should have worn some head gear during all of his boxing matches, won the dirty fighting championship when he got personal with Mitt Romney, when he questioned his validity as a member of the Mormon faith.

I happen to think these radical insults and lies, especially by those at the top of the party, are a desperate attempt by liberal Democrats who are afraid they are losing the contest, notwithstanding all the protection the Obama-controlled media is giving them. You can see it locally, by the letters to the editor column, by the many local residents who are Johnny come lately to the arena.

And all those who feel safe in the knowledge that the pollsters have Obama way out ahead, reminds me of the race in New Jersey, where the lady who won the governor's race was 20 points behind by all accounts

It could be that those who believe all the falsehoods Obama's crew is putting out may be like the fighter who heard his corner man tell him that the other guy hadn't laid a glove on him, when he heard his fighter come back with, "well, you better keep your eye on the referee, because somebody is knocking hell right out of me."'

By the way, how are all those inexperienced referees working out for the NFL? We need more experience in the economy, and foreign policy, not to mention all the rest of the problems we face. We'll know a lot more after the debates, where as Joe Louis said, "They can run, but they can't hide."




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