Letters: Liberals are dangerous

Thursday November 1, 2012

Liberals are dangerous

Alden Graves claims all conservatives are dangerous to this country. No Alden, you and your liberal elitists are the danger.

Just look at the events of the past several months: First, the attack and murder of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. This is a most dangerous place in the Middle East, it was Sept. 11, and the security was abysmally inadequate, a very dangerous situation.

The consulate had requested two addition security teams in August but was denied. Why! Our Marines defending the consulate, as well as in many other dangerous places in the Middle East, are not allowed to have live ammunition in their weapons. This is a mandate by the Obama administration, why! Very dangerous. We invited this attack. But what can we expect when Obama goes all over the world apologizing for the U.S. to Middle East leaders?

Second, the cover-up of this failure of the Obama administration. The intelligence community knew the next day that this was a terrorist sponsored attack, probably al-Qaida, staged with automatic weapons, grenade launchers and other shoulder mounted weapons. But the Obama administration starts the spin campaign saying it was due to demonstrators angered over a movie. This charade continued several days, why! The wife of the ambassador asked why this happened, she has no answers. Obviously, she won't get one because the Obama administration won't admit to their abysmal foreign policy failures; very dangerous.

Third, the Fast and Furious weapons program of giving Mexican drug lords, dealers and bandits automatic weapons: That's right, you heard right, very dangerous idea. One of the weapons was used to kill a U.S. border guard and hundreds of innocent Mexican civilians. Another fiasco of the Obama administration. So what happens? Eric Holder, Attorney General and chief law enforcer of the U.S., denies knowledge of this; it was his subordinates who did it so they get thrown under the bus to save Holder's backside.

Like who believes that a man like Holder didn't know what was going on in his office. Holder refuses to give up associated documents and to make sure the investigating congressional committee doesn't get them Obama puts them under executive privilege. He said he would never do this because he accused President Bush of hiding facts when he applied executive privilege. One of many lies and failed promises from Obama; very dangerous.

One note about Eric Holder, selected by Obama. He was in the Attorney General's office under President Clinton, whom Alden says may be the best hope for our country. Holder was successful in getting terrorists released from jail; again you heard right. Most notably the Weathervane group terrorists who were responsible for the bombing in Manhattan that killed one person and injured many others; very dangerous.

Finally, Alden's recent article about the Romney-Obama debate was typical liberal hogwash. His comments about Romney were very disrespectful and full of untruths, which are things he would chastise conservatives for if they did the same.

Romney is not only generous with his money but he physically gets involved with projects to help people directly, one-on one. These details about his generosity and concern for people were discussed, of all places on the CBS show "The Morning."

One of the hosts talked about a personal experience she had which showed Romney's concern for people. You ought to dig a little deeper, Alden, before you spout your liberal hogwash. And what has Obama done and who is he? I tell you, he has led us to a record $16 trillion debt; pushed us to a financial cliff; wants to gut our military; raise taxes by thousands on guess who -- yes, the middle class; cut Medicare by $716 trillion and burden us.



Join me in supporting Wilton

Treasurer Wilton is reasonable, competent and deserving of support. Treasurer candidate Wendy Wilton is reasonable, reliable and respectful and has worked with the state Auditor's office over the past few years to improve municipal transparency, financial management and foster prevention of embezzlement legislation.

She's the Vermont Municipal Treasurer of the Year, a straight shooter -- the real deal.

Please support her like I do, for being a real Vermonter trying to improve the state. As a Republican, she is an underdog and will give some balance to the state. Please join me in supporting her.


Vermont Auditor

Rockingham NBGS voters have spoken, twice

I'm not sure what more the voters of North Bennington have to do. There have been two votes taken and the outcome was the same in both.

This is not college football; margin of victory does not matter. There has been a mountain of coverage in the paper and online covering this story. If a voter felt that there was not enough information being shared they had the right to vote against both proposals.

But, again the vote passed. Isn't it time to let the board get to work? Change can be "scary" for some but it can also be very beneficial. How many times will we have to vote?

If the candidate I support for president doesn't win, can I petition for a new vote? The voters have spoken twice, let the vote stand.


North Bennington


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