Letters: It’s where you belong


If you’re sick of doing the same old thing,

and occasionally long for some good times again.

Then come to the Senior Center and see what goes on,

you’ll meet many new friends, it’s where you belong! There are tons of activities from A to Z,

like art and Zumba and all in between.

You can exercise as much as you like

Or sew or paint or whatever feels right.

You can learn to play music from some of the best

You’ll love "picking and grinning" and not want to rest.

So stop at the Center and see what goes on

And you’ll be dancing and singing before very long.

Just walk right in, pull up a chair and sit,

And Sue Hoag will tell you just where you fit.

You must sign your name and have your doctor’s O.K.

Then you can come anytime you want to play.

And there also is walking at the new fire house,

You can go like a race car or slow as a mouse.

You’ll meet plenty of friends to visit with as you walk

And if you get tired you can just sit and talk.

They also have parties with lots of good food to eat,

Along with music and dance to get you on your feet.

So if you want to stay healthy and really be strong,

You should come to the Senior Center, it’s where you belong! -- Rhoda W. Morton, June 11 2014

It is the mission of the Bennington Senior Center to engage persons 50+ in the lifelong learning process; promoting their physical, emotional and spiritual well being by providing social, recreational, creative and cultural programs enabling active participation in the center and the community.

Program costs are founded on a not-for-profit basis. There are no membership fees or dues.

People who visit from out of the area are in awe of what we have to offer.

We are so fortunate to have this little known gem right in the heart of Bennington.

Submitted by proud and grateful participants and volunteers of The Center at 124 Pleasant St.



Those who vandalized garden deserve punishment

Whomever destroyed the Community Gardens should be ashamed of their actions.

How low a life that person must live. This food could be used for others to survive, during these difficult times.

I pray that this culprit will be caught and punished for her/his thoughtless actions.

Hopefully someone will come forth, who knows about this misdeed.




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