Letters: Illuzzi for auditor; Pearce statement was misleading;

Thursday October 11, 2012

Illuzzi is the one for auditor

By now you have probably received several mailings with absentee ballot applications and probably a request to vote straight "up and down the ticket." Wait! Stop! Look! Listen!

Now, I won’t tell you how I’m going to vote line by line (unless you ask me), but I do want to advocate that we all vote responsibly. Let’s make each line count.

I do want to advocate for your vote on one line in particular, one that’s a bit hidden away -- the Auditor of Accounts. The candidate I am supporting -- Vince Illuzzi -- has a strong working command of the state’s fiscal situation after decades on the Senate Finance, Appropriations and Institutions Committees

In March this year, I met Vince and found him to be someone who really listened to folks and made things happen. I witnessed dedication and hard work with a focus on getting things done. After the hearings were over and the legislative session ended, Vince accurately assessed his own involvement: "People didn’t expect anything to happen, but we listened, and we decided to make a difference."

He was absolutely right. And he’s the man for the job of auditor.

And one other thing -- he’s endorsed by the Vermont Working Families Party, Vermont NEA (Teachers), Vermont State Employees, Vermont Professional Firefighters, Vermont Troopers Association and Teamsters Local 597 (UPS drivers).



Pearce statement was misleading

I couldn’t believe it when I heard Beth Pearce claim she "made sure retirees got their payments in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene." Shame on Beth Pearce for trying to capitalize on the trauma and suffering of so many Vermonters, and for being so untruthful.

Unless she put on waders, a hard hat and personally delivered mail to stranded communities (which she most certainly did not), your readers deserve to know that the operations of the treasurer’s office were totally unaffected by Irene.

Payments to vendors, state employees, and everyone else were never at risk and neither were payments to retirees, especially since nearly all retirees receive their monthly payment via direct deposit.

On Nov. 6 I will be voting for Wendy Wilton, and for the sake of Vermont I urge you all to do the same.




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