Letters: I still deserve to get paid for the job I do


I have a Registered Home Daycare in Shaftsbury and have been a provider for over 12 years. I do this work because I care about the children, but I still deserve to get paid for the job I do. When the state takes away my income without notice, or takes weeks to pay me for my work, this causes a financial hardship for my family. Other providers and I know what we need to do our jobs more than anyone else. We deserve to have a say in the decisions that impact our work.

I support VEEU and forming a union with my colleagues because I want to have more input on what happens with my career. I hope Bennington legislators hear my voice and that of providers all over the state when we say "Allow Early Educators the right to organize!"

More information can be found about Vermont Early Educators United at www.kidscountonme.org.



Speaking of stupidity

Speaking of stupidity, in his State of the State address, Gov. Shumlin spent the entire speech talking about getting a handle on the ever increasing problem of drugs in Vt. A noble goal to be sure. In comes some doper from Chittenden County with a master plan to legalize marijuana so we can broaden our tax base. Great plan. Almost as good as adding 20-30 million people to health care with the promise of reducing the cost for everyone, or raising taxes, adding new regulations and micro-managing companies with the goal of attracting new business to the state. Increasing unfunded school mandates and expecting per student cost to go down has always worked, too.

Get real. Pay attention. Use a little, or at least some, common sense. Go ahead, put sugar on the pacifier and then wonder why your kids have a sweet tooth, maybe no teeth at all, when they get older. Remember the old saying, "liking leads to loving." Do you know what loving leads to? More services that the tax increase will never cover.




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