Letters: I have a single taker plan


Dick Bower, in his latest letter, asks this writer if "he is happy with his Medicare single payer plan?" My answer is, "I don’t have one." I have a single TAKER plan, whereby they take our money and redistribute it for all their pet projects, crooks, and steak-eating, wine-drinking eunuchs, with such efficiency that the whole system is on the verge of imploding. They don’t have ANY money of their own, and they have squandered all the money we have entrusted to them. They are busy borrowing from our enemies, or printing worthless script at a rate that tempts this writer to come our of retirement and get back into the printing ink business.

If Dick really believes that Medicare is a single payer system, and is equitable, affordable and workable, as he seems it to be by his letter, then why are the doctors in this country fighting so hard to stop the 24 percent reduction in fees (as they try substituting their own plan) that my president seeks to impose (but not before the next election). Does Dick have any idea what that will do to quality health care in this country if Congress fails to stop them?

Good doctors are like good diamonds. You can’t replace them with cheap imitations to crow about cost savings, without killing good hospitals and the quality people needed to run them. Nor can we continue to let them kill the free enterprise system that promotes competition that we need to return to.

I think Dick ought to save his money and buy a race horse. At least then he’ll be able to know what he’ll pay, what level of quality he is getting, and choose his own doctors, and that’s more than he’ll be able to do with his single taker system -- if he ever sees one from "shaky town."




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