Letters: How low can we go?


Has the Obama administration finally hit rock bottom? It was not enough to just find a way to implement through executive fiat and judicial legislation a means by which this administration could undermine the moral fabric of this country, it was not enough through financial manipulations and shifting more power to the IRS, an agency which has no accountability, it was not enough for the administration to bury the truth about Benghazi along with those who were murdered, but maybe, just maybe we have finally hit rock bottom.

The remains of five American servicemen, that were killed in action, are being returned to their families while their death benefits are being withheld under the surreptitious cover of some Whitehouse lawyers as leverage against the "shutdown."

Congratulations, this is the new low.

This once great nation and world leader has been diminished to the dust bin of history. Once the standard bearer of freedom, justice, financial and military power, this country has been relegated to impotency and levity around the globe. Our priorities have been to egregiously suspend access to our military heroes and veterans from visiting national monuments built in their honor while the Presidential Golf Course and the Congressional Gym remain opened and fully staffed. This is by far the most disgraceful, embarrassing and pathetic moment in our country’s history. Impeachment was brought to the fore when President Clinton traded sexual favors. How much more humiliation, subversion of the Constitution and corruption are we, as a nation, willing to tolerate?

Shame on this administration, their supporters and followers, those self-loathing Americans who have finally put their middle finger in the faces of our military troops, as well as those of us civilians that have been offended by their political antics.


Bennington Administration’s shutdown bullying

On October 7, 2013, Senator Mike Lee was quoted as saying, "The American people do not want Obamacare, and they are demanding that Washington act to protect them from the harmful effects of this unfortunate law. The president’s response has been to ignore them, allow the government to shutdown, and then use his power to close national parks and monuments, stop paying veterans’ benefits, and cut off cancer research.

This is exactly why we should not expand the government’s power over our health care choices. What power the government has, it will use -- and misuse -- to advance its own interests, even if that means punishing the American people along the way.

The message behind the administration’s shutdown bullying is the same message sent by his IRS’s abuses of political opponents: Do what I say, or else. This is the abusive, partisan, unaccountable bureaucracy that, under Obamacare, will soon be running America’s health care system." Senator Lee has hit the nail on the head. However, there’s another nail to be hit. Even if Obama were impeached over his many offenses against the American people, do we want the Congress, who have shown themselves to be accomplices in these heinous acts when they weren’t committing their own, to be in control of our health care? I know I don’t.


St. Johnsbury


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