Letters: Health insurance, life assurance


It would be nice to have no-cost health insurance for all citizens. Yet nothing is free to mankind of this world, the sweat of the brow is assurance for all in this lifetime that there are no freebies. There is this Affordable Care Health plan that has been writt3en by some and Congress has passed into law, but is hard to get online to register for. The questions -- how much is it going to cost one and how much are ones deductibles - is hard to come buy. It all ends at death.

There is a life assurance plan that is available to whosoever wills, and easy and quick to get online to. This one is already paid for, and you can get all kinds of instruction about it. These instructions and information about this plan have been published for centuries. It was bought and paid for by the one who wills it to everyone. Though it is more precious than gold of silver, and cannot be bought or earned, having it gives one a peace of heart and mind. It has been in effect for almost 2,000 years and has never defaulted. Its guarantor has been running the universe since He begot it and is still turning this earth 24/7 daily and 365 yearly.


Morrisville, Pa.


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