Letters: Haystack/Hermitage Club good for Mount Snow

Tuesday April 16, 2013

Mount Snow’s management’s recent edict barring its employees from having any affiliation with Haystack/Hermitage Club is based on the faulty premise that somehow the success of Haystack/Hermitage Club is coming at the expense of Mount Snow. In fact, the complete opposite is true.

The success of Haystack/Hermitage Club is actually bringing incremental business for Mount Snow. My family is the perfect example. Until we joined the Hermitage Club and started skiing at Haystack this year, we had never set foot on Mount Snow and likely never would have. Because we joined the Hermitage Club, and bought a townhome there, we purchased passes for Mount Snow for our family of six and numerous friends, and skied at Mount Snow during weekdays when Haystack was closed and our children were off from school, including two full weeks of school vacation in March. And we didn’t just ski at Mount Snow. We shopped, dined and took lessons there as well.

We have also never played golf at Mount Snow. Likewise, because of our membership at the Hermitage Club, we will no doubt be playing golf at Mount Snow for the first time ever this summer. My family’s experience is not unique. In fact, we have introduced several families to the Deerfield Valley this past ski season and will introduce more this summer. Mount Snow should realize this and appreciate that the success of Haystack/Hermitage Club is good for everyone in the neighborhood!


Essex, Conn.


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