Letters: Experience needed in Pownal


Henry Strohmaier is a successful "retired/full-time" farmer and businessman.

We all know and respect the farmers in our community and understand how hard they work every day. Henry will work as hard for our town as he does for his farm.

Please join me in voting for Henry Strohmaier for Pownal Selectboard. Feel confident in voting for someone who wishes to retain the integrity of this town we love and live in, and has the experience to get the important business done.

Let's bring some positive energy back to Pownal and move forward. Vote for Henry Strohmaier!


North Pownal Michael Keane stands out

Supporting the candidacy of Michael Keane for the Bennington Select Board at Town Meeting.

In a field of strong candidates, I believe Michael Keane stands out.

For you several years now I have watched Michael Keane's enthusiasm for working toward a brighter future for the Town of Bennington.

Three years ago Michael and I visited the Greater Hartford Alliance (CT) to help to the determine how to create an economic strategy for Bennington, something which seemed sorely missing. This visit and Michael's work along with that of the Better Bennington Corporation resulted in the creation of what is now the Bennington Economic Partners, an active organization of people from virtually all sectors in Bennington now ably managed by Economic Development Director Michael Harrington. Michael Keane has been a dedicated member of this creative process continuously since our trip to Hartford.

Michael's commitment to Bennington and thoughtful ideas about how best to proceed for the good of Bennington clearly qualify him for further service to the Town as a member of the Select Board.



Please support the BSD budget

I am writing this letter as a BSD Board member to encourage the voters in Bennington to support the Bennington School District's Budget on March 4th. If voters have questions concerning the budget please contact the BSD Board members, Rick Pembroke at The SVSU Offices, or attend the Town Meeting at 6:45 PM on March 3rd at the Bennington Fire House. We will be happy to answer your questions.

We worked diligently to keep our budget increase as low as possible and still provide our students with the tools and services they need to succeed in school. The Bennington Tax rate will increase by 13. 55 cents. Causes for the increase in the tax rate are from the state of Vermont, 7 cents; Common Level of Appraisal 5.16 cents; the Bennington School District 1.13 cents; and MAU and the Career Development Center are both under a 1 cent increase respectively. The Bennington School Board cannot and does not have any control over what the state passes along as increases.

The Bennington School District proposed spending for equalized pupil is $11,989 and the proposed state average for spending per equalized pupil is $13,670.

Throughout the state we hear of decline in the number of students. This is not the case for the BSD, we are remaining steady with 788 students and a projected increase in students entering Kindergarten.

I urge all the citizens of Bennington to please take the time to learn about our budget and vote yes on March 4th for the Bennington School Districts Budget.

On a personal note with a lifelong commitment to the local area I believe it is time that Bennington citizens take a long hard look at what we are and what we have been. The town needs to grow. It needs to grow its Grand List, it needs to expand it's opportunities to all, not just those who have high incomes. We are stagnant. We have lost many of our youth, we have become reactionary and complacent and even apathetic . We need to expect more and work towards finding the ways to expand. For that reason when I looked over the candidates for Select Board I have decided to support Justin Corcoran and believe we need to give Mike Bethel or Peter Brady a chance. The latter both see the issues clearly of what is happening in Bennington and what needs to change. They are not a part of the Bennington political machine and they will ask the tough questions that we are all asking and work towards the remedy.




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