Letters: Elect Baker and Caraman


Elect Betty Baker to the Pownal Selectboard, Sue Caraman as Delinquent Tax Collector. Betty Baker has the experience, expertise and skills, to enhance the board and meet the challenges ahead for Pownal. An excellent financial background as a bookkeeper, manager, a person that gets things done without the fanfare. A mother, grandmother, a life long resident of Pownal and active in our community. Put Betty to work for you on Pownal's Selectboard this election day! Also elect Sue Caraman as delinquent tax collector. Separation of accountability is better than a good thing, it is a necessary layer of protection for the Pownal taxpayers and will strengthen the delinquent tax collector position. Vote for Sue Caraman as our new Delinquent Tax Collector!



Elect Strohmaier and Percey in Pownal

Pownal needs to get moving on a faster track in the future. Enough quality select board time has been wasted on outside personal agendas.

Voters can make a difference at the ballot box by marking the names of Henry Strohmaier and Harry "Hap" Percey, candidates for two one-year seats on the select board. Both are diligent veterans of former Pownal select boards and recognize the importance of keeping an even keel in sensible spending while moving forward at a steady pace on needed projects.

Our town needs the experience and open-minded mentality these individuals offer.

Help put Pownal back on track by electing Strohmaier and Percey to the select board.



Shaftsbury faces an important decision

There are many important decisions facing Shaftsbury voters. The one that stands out as potentially having the greatest impact on our lives as property owners is the decision we are being asked to make regarding who should approve future zoning bylaws -- we the residents, or should we give all the power to the Select Board?

The recent issue around the Town Garage suggests to me that the Select Board doesn't always represent the interests of the majority of our residents. Twice they asked us to approve a bond for the garage -- twice, we the voters said no. It's time to say NO again. Do not give your property rights away. Vote NO to "Shall the voters of the Town of Shaftsbury authorize future amendments to the zoning bylaws to be adopted by majority vote of the Selectboard, as provided by 24 VSA Sec. 4442 (c)(1)? Make sure your voice is heard -- Vote No on March 4th.



To the citizens of Pownal:

Having reviewed the Town Report, we have found a host of misleading discrepancies and inaccuracies that reflect badly on the Town of Pownal, its employees and elected officials. We feel the Town Auditors did not use due diligence in preparing this report. They succeeded in causing confusion and disruption in the Town Office where a good working relationship is vital. We ask the errors be addressed.


Pownal Town Clerk

ELLEN STROHMAIER, Treasurer and Delinquent Tax Collector


Administrative Assistant



DARCY PRUDEN, Wastewater Treatment Facility Chief Operator

Please vote ‘yes'

on the MAU budget

On March 4, voters in Bennington, North Bennington, Pownal, Shaftsbury and Woodford will be asked to vote on the budget that will support the orientation of the Mount Anthony High School and the Mount Anthony Middle School.

Each year it is the responsibility of the Mount Anthony board, with the help of the administration and teachers in each school, to present to the voters a budget that represents their best effort to combine the education needs of the schools and the economic reality of our community. As costs continue to rise, the schools have a responsibility to meet their contractual obligations, maintain their facilities and meet the needs of the students. If the schools are to meet the expectations of students, parents and the community, it must have the staff and materials to do this.

During the past several years, the number of students who need more than the regular classroom can offer has increased. With this increase has come added costs. In the past, school have relied on federal grants, state aid, and other sources of income to offset the added cost. Unfortunately, much of this aid is no longer available and now must be taxed to the local property owner.

Also, in recent years the schools have fully realized their responsibility to give each student the tools he or she needs to succeed in school and in what they do after school. The administration and teachers are committed to increase the reading and math skills of all students. To do this, each school has instituted programs to help students who do not meet the standards set by the state. Literacy teachers and math specialists have been hired to work with students and fellow teachers to improve these skills. There are several programs and classes available to students who have difficulty learning in a traditional classroom environment.

We can be proud of what our school have accomplished during the past few years. Our graduates now attend some of the most competitive and presitigious colleges, including Harvard, Princeton and Williams. More students who are taking the Advanced Placement exams are scoring high enough that they receive college credit. Students are doing community work both here in Vermont and in other areas. Our graduation rate has increased, attendance has improved and the atmosphere within the schools has clearly shown that students recognize the importance of getting an education. There is always more to do and to do that we need your support of the budget.

This year MAU's total budget increase is less than three percent. When additional income is added, the net increase in taxes needed to meet expenses is less than one percent.

Please vote "yes" on the MAU budget.


MAU Finance Committee



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