Letters: Disrespecting citizens


The DRB (Development Review Board) on Tuesday, Aug. 5, told Rep. Mary Morrissey to shut her mouth. It was very disrespectful and appalling for public officials to do that to her. The DRB owes her an apology for disrespecting her, because she was looking out for all the citizens in our community.

I was never sent a letter of notice of the board meeting, and where I live abuts that property. They did not Follow Vermont State Law Title 24.


Bennington Babe Ruth team says thank you

The Bennington County Babe Ruth 13-15 All Star team would like to thank the countless supporters and contributors to our success this season as we finished with a 9-3 record, reaching the New England Regional Semifinals, a first in Bennington County Babe Ruth history!

A special thank you to those who contributed financially and the dozens that made the drive to Manchester, N.H. to cheer the players on. Your support made it much easier for the team to focus solely on baseball. As Union Leader sports writer John Habib stated at the regional tournament, "You proved by reaching the regional semi-finals that Vermont isn’t always the doormat here, going two and out."

The commitment by the players and parents was above reproach and that paved the way to allow the coaching staff to challenge the team in both game and practice situations. This team jelled quickly, always having their eye on the prize and refusing to accept losing as an option. They proved that baseball is once again alive and well in Southwestern Vermont. The next few years should be very exciting.

KIP O’NEILL, manager


Conflict of ideas is beneficial

It was an interesting tactic on Mr. Barnes part to paint those of us who attended the BSD board meeting to discuss the Shires Housing project as prejudiced. Not only did he represent us that way to the public, he told us we would feel that way if we were to listen to ourselves speak. I am tired of being defined in a negative way because I have chosen to speak against what I perceive as a detrimental situation in our community. I also reject any effort to help me characterize myself.

It has been a privilege to work with this collection of people who oppose the 24 rental units proposed for Silver Street. Our group has a remarkable record of public service, much of which has benefited the exact demographic toward which we are accused of showing prejudice. We are committed to the town of Bennington and its residents, but we also recognize that there is a point at which the direction we are going is no longer sustainable.

A well-informed individual stated, "Our government was set up for conflict." This is why we have three branches of government. Each was established to defend itself from the natural predatory efforts of the others, thus maintaining a semblance of balance. Where you have the least conflict and opposition, you have a dictatorship. Having a large group of citizens question the direction of our local government is a positive development.

Sometimes the discussion becomes heated, but is this bad? Isn’t strong emotion and passion a good thing so long as it is civil? I would disagree with the Banner’s characterization of Jeanne McKenna’s manner at the BSD meeting as irate, but her passion was palpable. Her concern for the children already in a failing school is admirable and her effort to stop the flow of more children into this school is logical, not prejudice.

I urge the citizens of Bennington to continue to show the interest in our town that has grown out of a housing project. This is a wonderful and compassionate town even when we disagree. The conflict of ideas makes us stronger and more balanced.



Shires should not refile

Since Shires withdrew their application before the Bennington DRB, with the way things are in Bennington they should not refile.

Already overburdened Bennington taxpayer,




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