Letters: Disagrees with cousin on Benghazi

Thursday May 23, 2013

My cousin always encouraged me to write. However, I’m not sure he meant it to be in the form of a rebuttal to his column. I don’t begin to write as well as Alden, and I usually don’t agree with him either. However, after reading his last column on Benghazi, I decided it was time to take his advice and write.

"Crackpot fury"? Four people died and you call it "crackpot fury"? That is almost as bad as Hillary saying, "What difference does it make?" You can bet the families of those four men don’t view the investigation as "crackpot fury" and thinks the truth of what happened does make a difference.

I am dumbfounded that my intelligent, well-educated cousin doesn’t recognize the cover-up. Susan Rice, who knew nothing about what had happened in Benghazi, was sent out to be the mouthpiece for the administration to tell the American people that the attack on Benghazi was due to a video. Of course our president wasn’t available because he was fundraising in Las Vegas for his reelection and Hillary ducked for cover.

I do agree with Alden that claiming the video was the reason for this horrific attack was "an idiotic assertion and an insult to our intelligence," so why did they do it? Who sent Susan Rice out on five Sunday talk shows with that story? Why were the talking points changed twelve times and by who? More importantly, who gave the order to "Stand Down" and not try to save those men.

Dick Cheney was not only right, but justified to say they "lied," and I think it will only be a matter of time and that will be proven. If the complete truth about Benghazi never comes to light it will only be because this administration has managed to fool the American public once again.

Will they also be able to cover-up the IRS scandal or the AP debacle? The administration probably should have known better than to mess with the AP, considering how fair and balanced the main stream media has been towards their pal Obama. One thing is for sure, none of this is Bush’s fault. You need to get over that, Alden.

It remains to be seen if my cousin and I will ever agree politically. It is unlikely, but it does make for great banter between us, but never less love.


Bradenton, Fla.


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