Letters: Delighted by ‘My Fair Lady’


I went to the opening night of Oldcastle Theatre Company’s current production of "My Fair Lady" wondering how they were going to stage such a huge musical classic in that intimate space. The answer is brilliantly! The acting is superb, the voices are amazing, and the entire experience is an utter delight. This is quite simply not-to-be-missed, and I can’t wait to see it again.


Bennington Blood Drive thanks

Many thanks to all the blood donors, volunteers and gracious St. Paul’s Church ladies who furnished the delicious canteen of our last blood drive in July. We went over our goal. Thanks to Bagel Works, Mrs. Murphy’s, Wilcox Ice Cream, Price Chopper and Shaw’s. The processing was speedy.

Please call to make an appointment 800-733-2767. The next blood drive will be Wednesday, Sept. 24, noon to 5:30 p.m., at First Congregational Church, Manchester Village. Your blood saves lives.

RC Coordinator


Joann Erenhouse announces candidacy

Hi, I’m Joann Erenhouse, Executive Director of the Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce, and am announcing my bid for the Vermont State Legislature in District 2.2, Bennington. I am running in the Democratic Primary for State Representative on Aug. 26.

When asked why I am was running, my typical response is "I want to see Bennington thrive."

I have extensive business, administrative and community volunteer experience. I am familiar with the workings of Vermont state government having contracted with the State of Vermont to staff the new Welcome Center and have been serving on the Governor’s Rail Advisory Council through two administrations. I am a board member of the Shires Media Partnership (a 501c3 organization who oversees WBTN -- AM 1370 here in Bennington). I am also serving on the Historic Preservation Council for the Town of Bennington. And, as we all know, I have many reasons why I love Bennington.

I have been head of the Vermont State Regional Marketing Program for Bennington County known as The Shires of Vermont. I am on the steering committee for the County Branding Initiative, working with other chambers of commerce on the Southern Vermont Economic Recovery Marketing Grant. As a member of the steering committee of the Bennington Economic Development Partnership I was the original Chair of the Special Initiatives Committee and now will Chair the Cultural and Recreation Committee. I also have served two terms as president of V.A.C.C.E. (Vermont Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.)

My volunteer efforts include creating the Vermont Bar Association’s Rural Adult Education Outreach Program as a joint venture with Vermont Public Libraries. I also designed and completed a renovation project for my local library to create a Young Adult Section. Back in 1991 I created the Bennington Croquet League which now has expanded to two nights a week at two locations.

I am a licensed Vermont attorney, and hold a degree in early childhood education and architectural engineering as well as my law degree. This broad background gives me a unique ability to understand many of the issues facing Vermont and in particular, Bennington. It also gives me the tools to help solve our problems. I will continue to use my energy, creativity and abilities to work hard for Bennington. Please consider me as your choice to represent District 2-2 in Montpelier.



Is Snowden for real?

Seriously folks ... Is Edward Snowden really for real or just some wise guy out for a few good jollies? The NSA is supposed to do exactly what he said they are doing. Like them or not, it’s our country and we elected the politicians that created it. If Snowden don’t like it then he can vote them out of office. Damn, buddy, wake up!

Snowden is just a thrillseeker in civilian clothes. I say forget about him. The VSEA is another story. Now they are saying the the DCF caseworkers are really just doing jobs and the bureaucrats are to blame for the child deaths. Really? The bureaucrats don’t investigate child abuse. When a trained and qualified caseworker sees bruises on a child they must take immediate action to protect the child. If you fail to do so and a child suffers you are to blame, period! DCF needs to get the training now and do their jobs! Stop playing "poor me" games. Wake up.

TOM KING, Retired 20 year-veteran of Vermont Child Protective Services



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