Letters: Changes at Fillmore were negative; a note to dog owners

Tuesday September 6, 2011

Too much has changed at Fillmore Pond

I am writing as a resident of Fillmore Pond in response to the half page Emeritus ad in your Aug. 26 Banner.

At the July residents meeting we were told by Emeritus regional manager out of West Hartford, Conn. that there would be no changes to our exceptionally run Fillmore Pond.

At our Aug. 11 resident meeting, exactly one month and three days after Emeritus received their license to operate in the state of Vermont, the regional manager informed us that our beloved executive director, Michele Ruggiero, had resigned. Also resigning were two key members of her staff: our excellent bookkeeper, Rita Dassatti and our superior head nurse, Ginny Haynes. Emeritus had completely usurped their authority to operate. They didn't resign. They quit.

No changes? In one month they have also changed our food suppliers, leading to the deterioration of quality in our meals, once the equal to the best in any of our finest restaurants.

They are also going to have our menus drawn up by an outside firm instead of by our highly talented kitchen manager Jaime-Lyn Schmidt.

So much for "only our name is different." In just over one month they have:

1. Demolished our local management.

2. Degraded the quality of our meals and menus.

3. Demoralized our employees.

4. Left residents and their families extremely upset.

Emeritus would have been wise to slow down and try bringing their 470 plus communities up to the exceptionally high standards of Fillmore Pond, rather than try to make us conform to the lower level of their average community.


Bennington To the dog owners of Bennington

I hate your dog. It's not his fault, of course; you are the one who toilets him on my lawn. Do you not know what he's doing? Can you not imagine me mowing my lawn? I'm sick of walking in or mowing over your dog's mess.

I don't really hate your dog. I just wish you would clean up after her.




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