Letters: Carroll announces intention to run for seat in legislature


Today I am formally announcing that I intend to run for the seat in the Vermont Legislature soon to be vacated by Anne Mook. I want to thank Anne for her service to the people of Bennington and to the state of Vermont. For decades Anne Mook has devoted herself to the people and town that I was born and raised in.

Bennington has always been central to my family and who I am today. My family, on my mother’s side, goes back several generations. Dad’s family was off-the-boat-Irish. That really doesn’t mean a whole lot, but the point I want to make is, in spite of the deep roots my family has here, I moved away from Bennington in my early 20s because I wanted to see and experience the world and be someone other than "Joe and June’s boy".

From a distance, I watched those who stayed in Bennington and those who stayed made a difference. And although I left Bennington, Bennington never left me.

I come from a family that was never rich or had a lot, but my parents did all they could to provide for their kids. I watched my parents sacrifice all of their lives so that the lives of their children were comfortable. As foster parents, Mom and Dad opened their home to make sure that other people’s children had a decent home in our home. Mom and Dad did what they could to make complete strangers lives better. My parent’s example is still the thing that makes me want to work for Bennington.

For hardworking people, when I grew up, the sweat off your brow was enough to get you through. It has become harder to rely on sweat to "make-do" in Vermont over the last several decades.

I don’t have any magical answers and I won’t promise any. I can only say that I will bust my tail to try to make things better for Bennington and the people of Vermont if you decide to send me to Montpelier.

Very sincerely,



About Meals on Wheels of Bennington County

As director of Meals on Wheels of Bennington County, I am encouraged that Emeritus at Filmore Pond is reaching out to the elders of our community with a meal and some friendship. They provide a wonderful living environment for those that desire and can afford Filmore Pond.

For the past 20 years, we at Meals on Wheels have been providing meal services to those living outside senior living communities. Home Delivered Meals provide both friendship and a meal. Our Community Meals program provides meals and the opportunity to socialize with others in locations throughout the county.

The foundation of our programs is healthy, nutritious food made from scratch. In that way we are different from most Meals on Wheels programs.

Our cafe at the Bennington Senior Center is a popular way for elders to dine out affordably: A donation of just $3.25 for a complete meal with a choice of entrees. It is a quality service that you can pay for, but not denied to those unable to pay. It is not a welfare program.

Our program is a service available to all over 60 and the disabled. It helps elders from all walks of life through the various stages of aging stay as healthy and independent as possible. To Mr. Butto, and others that live alone or would like a good meal and some company, give our services a try!


Director of Meals on Wheels of Bennington County



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