Letters: Carmody has always supported Bennington

Saturday March 23, 2013

Recently the Banner has headlined local businesses that have been struggling financially in this tough economic climate and are behind in tax payments.

We are all aware that the working class and small businesses in America are having a tough time. At times, most of us have had to slip a bill or two back in the drawer to pay at another time and tough choices have had to be made about who to pay when funds are tight. Small businesses are no different. Do you pay your taxes or your employees this week? Do you pay your taxes or CVPS this month? Do you pay your taxes or your food purveyors in order to stay in business to make money to pay your taxes? In these tough economic times, many small businesses are struggling.

For many years these small businesses, such as Carmody’s have supported charitable causes and community events, have donated to scores of school fundraisers and have served our local community in numerous ways. TJ Carmody has always been a friend to Bennington. He has consistently been Gung Ho on Bennington and Vermont.

In TJ’s time as a restaurateur, in addition to his support of school & community fundraisers, he has organized parades and has been a friend to thousands. A business doesn’t close its doors because it’s thriving. A business usually closes its doors because it is finding it difficult to meet its financial obligations. You can’t keep a good man down and TJ is once again regrouping and has opened the Ploughman’s Pub, at the site of the old Carmody’s West. The thousands of you who know TJ know that he will make good on his tax payments to the state. TJ has always supported Bennington -- now it is time to support him.

Most of our small business owners live, raise their families and are invested here in the Bennington area and will not shirk their responsibilities in Vermont. As Benningtonians, let’s try to support one another in these tough times and keep the headlines for something noteworthy and important.





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