Letters: Campaign finance violation investigation request

Thursday April 25, 2013

An open letter to William H. Sorrell, Attorney General State of Vermont:

This letter requests that you reconsider your prior decision to refuse to appoint a neutral and independent counsel to investigate evidence of campaign finance violations committed during your 2012 primary campaign for Attorney General.

I make this request as there is no other practical option for conducting an investigation of a sitting Attorney General in Vermont.

Per your suggestion that we refer this matter to a state’s attorney, last fall we sent a request for an investigation to the Addison County States Attorney. It has now been many months and it is our understanding that this states attorney has been unable to move forward with an investigation due to a lack of resources. We predicted this outcome and we suspect this dead end is no surprise to you as well. You obviously cannot investigate yourself and none of the other state’s attorneys has the resources to be able to conduct such an investigation. Therefore, an independent counsel is the only option. In other matters, where your conduct has not been at issue, it has been a relatively common practice for you to retain outside counsel on behalf of Vermont. The evidence already known about your narrowly won primary campaign merits a thorough and impartial investigation into whether sufficient evidence can be found to prove corruption. You have launched investigations and brought enforcement actions against entities and individuals based on far less evidence and a much broader interpretation of Vermont’s campaign finance laws. In these circumstances, the refusal to appoint an independent counsel will make you effectively immune from justified inquiry and the very legitimacy of your office will be called into question.

We look forward to your response.


Vt. Republican Party Chair


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