Letters: Bypass has cut down customers for business

Thursday March 28, 2013

Vermont is two to three times more dependent on tourism than the national average, which should be telling us that locals cannot support our downtown alone. A huge fraction of tourists to Vermont don't have reservations when coming here.

In the hospitality industry this is called the walk-in and Route 279 has decimated that customer for business downtown. Not only do we lose tourists but also other Vermonters who live north and east of us. I think the Banner was a bit insensitive to the Carmodys who are some of the nicest people to ever invest in our downtown.



Drivers need to slow down

We correctly blame motor vehicle crashes on intoxication; use of cell phones; gazing at sites not on the road; falling asleep; etc. However, excess speed is the big reason that turns these into death. I lost a great nephew age 16 to a road crash years ago,

Motor vehicles go too fast. More lives are lost in crashes than in wars. Human brains are unable to respond fast enough for high speed oncoming crashes. Highway traffic going one direction at 55 MPH maximum and two-way traffic at 45 MPH would reduce lives lost. Slower posted community speeds, zero-tolerance, and higher fines would help. We do our best to save lives in disease and wars, but do not in vehicle deaths.



Terrorism by another name

We need to reform our use of language in our discourse. Any politicians who seriously propose legislation which may ultimately lead to the hunger and homelessness of women and children should be labeled "terrorists," and should be dealt with by the law accordingly.

Governor Shumlin's push to retroactively cap the benefits of Reach Up to five years is not only an act of moral idiocy, but one of terrorism. The inability of many in Montpelier to comprehend the disastrous effects of such legislation testifies to a terminal lack of compassion and a barren imagination. There are few things more terrifying than losing the roof over your head and watching your children go hungry. The fact that the impact of this ill advised legislation is felt predominantly by women and children makes it even more pernicious. A war on this form of terrorism is one we should all support.




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