Letters: BSD vote; Veterans Home staff, and more

Monday June 10, 2013

Two questions before Tuesday’s vote

Tuesday, June 11, Bennington will vote for a third time for a school budget for fiscal 2014. Before I cast my vote I have some concerns how the custodians of our tax dollars are spending these dollars.

Let me explain: 1). After the last budget was turned down a break down of some of the revisions was reported to show how the total was lowered. One of the items removed was money for a paving project. It was stated that the money would now come from the current fiscal year 2013 budget. If the budget had been passed, where would this newly found money from 2013 have gone? One can only wonder.

2). I noticed that a new digital message board has replaced the old manual one at the high school. I had no trouble reading the old one. If we are having a hard time coming up with school budget funds do we need such a fancy message board? If the funds were from a gift and not tax dollars I would accept the expense but the last time a digital message board was installed was at the newly completed middle school. It seemed that a $50,000 surplus from the building of the school was found. The taxpayers had no say in how this surplus was to be used as I recall.

The tax base can only support so much. We need to insure the funds collected are used prudently.


Bennington Please vote for the BSD budget on Tuesday

I am writing to you as a member of the Bennington School District Board of Directors. Most likely you are aware that the two previously proposed budgets that were presented to the voters for approval, in March and in May were both defeated by slim margins. The three schools that are directly affected by this budget and that make up the Bennington School District are Bennington Elementary, Molly Stark and Monument Elementary.

The administration, the principals and my fellow board members have spent countless hours reviewing line item by line item the most recent proposed budget that will be presented to the voters on Tuesday, June 11, at the Bennington Fire House on River Street.

As we worked our way through the budget, careful consideration was given to cuts and line items that would least impact the schools and the students of the BSD. I was also assured by administration that the most recent version of the budget still has adequate funding in order to support staffing and education of our special needs students that attend one of our three BSD schools.

Therefore, as a board member of the Bennington School District I support the most recent version of the 2013-2014 BSD budget. I ask that you vote in favor of this budget as well. Please vote Tuesday, June 11, at the Bennington Fire House on River Street where the polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is also a General Public Informational Hearing on the BSD 2013-2014 Budget to be held on Monday, June 10, at 5 p.m. at the Bennington Fire House.


Member, Bennington School District

Board of Directors

Staff members at Veterans Home extremely devoted

For the last five years the Veterans Home in Bennington has been Joe’s and my home away from home. And believe it or not, hard to think with Joe’s passing May 15 I’ll be leaving the close knit family I have become a part of. The confidence I got from the care Joe had, put me at rest when I wasn’t there. If anyone cares about what our men and women did for us, they too will realize as I do, what that home means to them. Our support group is there for anyone in the Veterans Home as well as in the community for those caring for people with dementia. The staff members at the Vermont Veterans Home are extremely devoted to the resident’s care and their efforts to assure our veterans sense a feeling of warmth and love. Think about it.



What a team!

I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Mount Anthony Patriots Junior Varsity, Team A, on the great year they had, 16-1.

You kids gave me so much joy. Couple of times, almost had a heart attack, but you came back and won.
Great job. Thank you all and also the coaches for the great memories.



Thanks to law enforcement and Special Olympics

I wanted to write to thank all our law enforcement and everyone in Special Olympics Witton who helped get this year’s Olympic Run to Summer Games in Burlington organized. Beautiful, sunny, cool morning, what other type of conditions could you ask for. Sick myself I was out there with my walker on 7A clapping and rooting on the runners. There was a young runner who must have been maybe 9 to 10 years old.

He was running right with the officers. Your strength was remarkable. While I ran Special Olympics for awhile years ago you see athletes come and go and pass away. This group of people are the most dedicated and determined people I’ve been lucky to know. While standing and rooting on the runners prayers were being said for William Stockman and the recently deceased Scott Moffitt, two special athletes who taught me so much in life and to always do my hardest and never give up!

May you all bring home a piece of gold. God Bless.




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