Letters: AT&T cell users beware

Saturday June 1, 2013

This may be of interest to those who use ATT as their cell phone carrier. A few days ago I received a call on my cell from a man with a heavy foreign accent (plus a bad connection), who said he was calling from ATT and was conducting a quality of service survey. So far so good. He then asked how I would answer several questions regarding my ATT service, which I did. He then asked for my full name and ZIP code -- both of which he should have known via the ATT records. I was then starting to suspect something. When he asked for my Social Security number, I knew this was a fraudulent call.

I refused to answer the SS question and then hung up the phone. I called ATT customer service and they informed me that they were not conducting any survey and were they to do so, they would do it by email. They were also concerned by the fact that this crook was somehow able to use an ATT number which was identified on the incoming call. I am only writing to make people aware that calls like this are "fishing" calls made to gain your personal information. These crooks are clever and we must keep our guard up at all times.




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