Letters: Article upsetting


Your article on Wednesdays front page about "Dogs the center of noise complaints" is very upsetting! It is not the noise of barking dogs that is upsetting. It is the fact that Vermont allows people to use dogs to pull weights in any sort of competition. This is just another form of animal cruelty.

Dogs of all kinds, especially Pit Bulls, love to be treated kindly. They love to play with people of all ages. They love to run and please their masters. I grew up with dogs and we had friends who raised dogs as hunters. Most dogs love to be outside. Learning how to point at a game bird was fun for the hunting dogs.

No dog, including a Pit Bull, wants to pull weights. It puts the animal into an unnatural position that will only stress the dog's body, especially its legs. Most dogs will try to please their master, but why permit people to force an animal to stress itself just for the entertainment of its master?

Vermont should outlaw this so-called sport of weight pulling whether at a sanctioned or a neighborhood competition. Dogs should be treated as pets, not some tool in a competition.




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