Letters: About GMO Bill H.112


This week is important for Vermonters who want to make informed choices about food for ourselves and our families. The Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee, of which our own Dick Sears is a member, is considering House Bill 112. H.112 is about labeling foods produced with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Concerned people can contact Dick Sears at rsears@leg.state.vt.us to share their views.

Genetically engineered foods are produced by means of genetic engineering laboratory techniques that insert genetic material (DNA) from diverse species of plants, animals, viruses, and/or bacteria, into the DNA of plants or animals. Polls have constantly shown that over 90 percent of the American public believes that genetically engineered foods should be labeled. Sixty-four countries already require GMO food labeling. A number of published scientific studies have raised important questions about the healthfulness and safety of GE foods.

Consumers have a right to know what is in the food we buy and make up our own minds, just as we already have the right to know about calories and where our food comes from.

Vermonters have always stood for integrity, sound practices, informed decision-making and common sense. Even though we are small, the rest of the nation trusts us to set a sound example. The problems that could abound from GMOs are little understood and cannot be reversed. Please tell Dick Sears that you uphold the public’s right to know, with sound labeling of GMO products. You can also learn more at vtrightoknowgmos.org.


North Bennington


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