Letters: A request of the Banner


Last night I saw Oldcastle’s production of "Doubt" -- a riveting performance of an amazing play, a production worthy of a Broadway stage. We are SO very fortunate to have a resident theatre company of this caliber right here in downtown Bennington.

Yet even on opening night they had less than a full house. Word of this treasure must be gotten out because without the support of the local community I fear we risk losing it. The Banner, with its effective new emphasis on positive local news, is in a position to play a huge role in securing Oldcastle’s success.

This is a simple request, perhaps (as a long-time subscriber to the Banner for more than four decades) I might say even a demand. Review this play and give it the publicity and attention it merits.

The local community must be alerted to the treasure we have here.


Bennington Thank you to Rep. Mary Morrissey

I personally want to thank our State Rep. Mary Morrissey for her endless support, vote and help with the newly passed and signed Lyme disease bill. With Lyme disease now epidemic, the worries we all face and the need for medical help, diagnosis and treatment is now paramount. With Mary Morrissey’s perseverance with this bill, the hope for health care for Lyme will hopefully open new doors and successful options for relief. Mary has been a loyal advocate for all who now suffer with this dreaded disease. She is a gem to work with, and the Bennington area is fortunate to have her as their representative.



Blood drive thanks

Thank You to all the wonderful, patient, gracious, blood donors who gave the gift of life on Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

Thanks also to the Baptist Church ladies for supplying a delicious canteen and to Bagel Works, Price Chopper, Shaw’s and Wilcox Ice Cream for their generous donations.

The next blood drive is on July 30, 2014, at Burr and Burton Academy, which is nicely air-conditioned, from noon to 5:30 p.m.

Hope to see many new faces.

Red Cross Manchester Co-ordinator


To Pownal residents

I hope that at least some of you will join me in thanking our retired auditor, Ray Shields.

While many may have disagreed with him, I, for one, know beyond a shadow that our municipal government has many deficiencies.

The current Board of Selectmen seem to be working toward correcting some of these, but if the elected auditors do not keep track of the details, things will only get worse, not better.

It was Ray’s diligence in auditing the warrants each week that presented the issue of overpayments to our employees during the years 2009 through 2012.

I feel that it is shameful that the board did not address any of these issues and try to retrieve at least some of the $43,000 that was overpaid. (And for those who think that the auditors were blowing smoke, the paperwork bill back this up.)

If these were your business dollars, wouldn’t you try to get them back?

Anyway, Ray, thank you for trying to communicate some of the problems to the Board of Selectmen.

Maybe when the tax rate gets too high, someone else will take an interest in what our elected officials are doing.

I just hope it’s not too late!




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