Letters 2: A picture is worth a thousand words


The photo in Friday’s Banner showing the lot for the proposed Monument View Development brings to mind a park. We remember when it was a woods, and we understand that we cannot have back the woods that were clear-cut (for Jack Appleman’s not fully realized condominium project). Some measure of what was lost might be regained, however, if the town were to make a park-like environment -- open space, with a playground, trees, and plantings. This would provide a place for those children who now play on the sidewalks and the neighborhood’s already busy streets to gather; it might yield an option for another community garden. It would certainly provide an urban amenity that many of the apartment and condominium dwellers in the neighborhood would use and appreciate, as well as offering a green focal point for all residents of this portion of the town. There are already many people in the neighborhood who do not have yards of their own. They live in the Silver Street Apartments, the Nathaniel Court and Applewood condominiums, and, across Route 7, the 50-unit Brookside Apartments (a Bennington Housing Authority property). There are doubtless many reasons why a park in this section of Bennington is not viable. It doesn’t hurt to dream, though, does it?




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