Letter to the editor: Why I'm voting for Jackie Kelley

Why I'm voting for Jackie Kelley

I became friends with Jackie Kelley through the Bennington Recreation Center Pool. Jackie has involved herself in Bennington community service since she built her home in 2008. After 30 years teaching children on military bases overseas, Jackie was eager to serve her new home town. Jackie is on her second term for both the Bennington School Board and the CDC board.

Having been on the ACT 42 committee, Jackie has knowledge of the impact of this legislation from Bennington's point of view. It is a sure thing that many wrinkles in this education restructure legislation will receive indepth review in the Vermont Legislature. Her vote on these matters will have a great deal of research and knowledge. Jackie has returned her stipend for serving on the Bennington School District Board and CDC Boards in the form of college scholarships for Bennington students.

Jackie's 33 years of teaching on a Native American Reservation and military families in Germany and Japan have given her a broad view of children from an educational point of view and the struggles of family life. Jackie taught some challenging special needs children. Jackie's concern about military families has remained central to her Bennington life. Jackie has been on the Vermont Veterans Home board for two appointments. She has worked with her fellow board members to make the VT Veterans Home compliant with the Medicare regulations.

As a single woman, Jackie is keenly aware of the financial impact legislation has on taxpayers. She will seek the best resolution to problems with an eye on the tax impact. Jackie's term as your state Representative will be composed of faithful attendance and a thoughtful voting record. If you have questions about Jackie's position on any issue, please give her a call at 802-681-7497.

— Cindy Krautheim Bennington


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