Letter to the editor: Why I'm choosing Matt

Why I'm choosing Matt

All three Democrats running for governor have spoken to similar goals and values, but Matt Dunne's wide-ranging experience and technical knowledge allow him to see Vermont's problems and challenges as interrelated and from a perspective only a Vermonter with his values and experiences could.

In 50+ years as an active Dem, I've never encountered someone who brings as much to the table as Matt. He has been an entrepreneur, helping to build a Vermont small business to 100 employees, a state legislator, the Director of the AmeriCorps VISTA program, where he oversaw 6,000 volunteers fighting to empower Americans out of poverty, a board member at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and as the director of community affairs at Google. There, he oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in affordable housing, expanding broadband access to underserved rural and urban communities, and teaching young girls how to code to help bridge the gender gap in the tech industry.

Matt is the only candidate I've heard who views Vermont's challenges of population decline, education, finances, environment, agriculture, small business, and transportation holistically and as complex, intertwined problems requiring solutions that go beyond the traditional approach of grand "economic plans" which propose wish lists of expensive band aid solutions. He has a bold progressive vision for Vermont, and will not allow short term fixes to slow progress towards long-term goals.

Finally, Matt's understanding of technology makes him uniquely qualified to be Governor, considering our current challenges. As Matt has said, high speed Internet is the electricity of the 21st Century. Businesses and potential telecommuters will not settle in Vermont without access to high speed Internet. Technology is vital for good governance in the 21st century. Vermont Health Connect is one obvious example, of many, where some real expertise is needed. Matt will be in the perfect position to evaluate the deployment and costs of technology, as well as evaluating the performance of outside consultants and contractors before it is too late.

So, pick up your Democratic ballot at the town clerk's office now and vote early, or make sure you vote for Matt Dunne Democrat for governor this Aug. 9

— Jerry Skapo Manchester Center


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