Letter to the editor: Voting for Trump

Voting for Trump

Thanks to Dan Senor and Paul Ryan for Confirming my Decision to Vote for Trump.

Dan Senor is a top adviser for House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has done even more lately to distance himself from a Trump campaign that he never fully supported. Senor was also a campaign operative for the failed Romney-Ryan ticket in 2012.In addition, he's a favorite go-to "GOP strategist" for leftist media such as MSNBC. Senor's wife is former CNN and NBC anchor/reporter Campbell Brown, who seemed to confirm the suggestion that Senor tipped off The Washington Post to the audio that became a focal point for Sunday's second presidential debate.Brown had been asked by conservative journalist Mike Cernovich whether she and her husband were, in fact, the source of the audio about Trump's sex-related bragging, and she tweeted, "Yep, still having fun after all these years."

However, there is something more important in this presidential election than ten year old lewd comments.

We are not voting for a person. We are voting for a form of government.

If you want a totalitarian government of the type Obama has been running (with no opposition from a congress, whose members on both sides of the aisle have been benefiting), then vote for Hillary.

If you want a constitutional republic, a nation of laws, then vote for Trump, (remembering that he doesn't have a dog in this dog and pony race. He's already richer than Dives).

The Republican platform pledges to defund Planned Parenthood. But not all Republicans, whose personal fortunes may depend on Planned Parenthood's fortunes, want this to happen. What they want is to be able to show-vote against Planned Parenthood and count on a veto by the POTUS. That's why the leaks that were supposed to be so damaging to Trump, were orchestrated by members of the Republican Campaign Committee.

We all know who Trump has been, just like we all know what Hillary has been and is. These leaks revealed nothing new about Trump nor the Clintons; they revealed something very new about the Republican Party's Campaign Committee and "moderate" Republicans who have been looking for a way to get rid of Trump. These are people who don't mind a totalitarian government under Hillary so long as they are able to stay afloat in it.

I moved from a Third Party supporter to a Trump supporter based on the Clinton approved ads targeting our children (whom she "cares" so much about) and was confirmed in that decision by the Wikileaks fiasco. I hadn't put ANY political signs on my lawn, and I've wavered back and forth over voting for Trump or voting for a Third Party candidate.

However, the debates and the Wikileaks and Hillary's low brow attacks that really attack our children, as well as her Campaign Committee Officials' bragging about how they are attacking my Church have put me solidly in the Trump camp.

I noticed a neighbor who had a Trump sign and a sign for each of our local candidates on his lawn has taken down the Trump sign. I'm going over to his house to see if he'd be willing to give the sign to me, so I can put it up on my lawn. I'd be proud to be included in that "Basket of Deplorables" that Hillary hates.

How is it, by the way, that Hillary hasn't been charged with a "hate crime"along with everything else she is guilty of?

— Clara Schoppe St. Johnsbury


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