Letter to the editor: Voting for Kesha Ram

Voting for Kesha Ram

I am not a Democrat, but on August 9 I will be voting for Kesha Ram for Lieutenant Governor on the Democratic Primary Ballot. Kesha is young, energetic, very intelligent, and, perhaps most importantly, she is not so full of herself that she thinks she knows all the answers before she does her research. I have lived most of my life in Southern Vermont, and culturally, I am still there. It is very refreshing to see a legislator from the heart of Burlington come Southern Vermont, as much to learn as to make a speech,. She openly says she realizes things can be different in the south and she listens, without prejudging what she hears. She may be the best listener I have ever met.

That first meeting was about six years ago. I was at the State House and killing time in the General and Military Affairs Committee room. I could hardly believe what I saw. There was a 22 year old freshman legislator of small physical stature presiding over a hearing. She was holding that hearing together in a room filled with very contentious people, many of whom obviously had an intense dislike of each other. She calmly, coolly, and with great competence did her job. Few people, even physically larger and more experienced people, would have done as well. I have had the good fortune to run across her a few times between then and now, and she has continued to impress me with her ability to listen, think, and work with people. She talks with people, not to people.

It will be an honor for me to check the box, fill the circle, or whatever beside the name of Kesha Ram for Lieutenant Governor on August 9.

— Wendell Coleman South Burlington


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