Letter to the editor: Vote Miller for Bennignton Select Board

Vote Miller for Bennignton Select Board

I am running for the Bennington Select Board. I believe in Bennington — its past, its present, and its future. I believe we have significant challenges, and that we can overcome them best if we are proactive, not reactive; collaborative, not confrontational. I believe that we must preserve who we are and what we have, while we move ahead, working together.

I'd like to see the Board set up a charter revision commission to:

• Explore a stronger leadership structure for our town government; and

• Re-evaluate the operation of the Downtown Improvement District.

I'd like to see us complete the planning process by:

• Strengthening our vision,

• Marketing our favorable attributes,

• Establishing modest goals for business and grand list growth, and

• Implementing a concrete action plan to revitalize our economic climate.

Remember that the journey of a1000 miles starts with a single step.

Please consider voting for proactive changes.


— Don Miller Bennington


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