Letter to the editor: Vote for Jill Stein

Vote for Jill Stein

Americans are conflicted by which media offering to vote for this coming presidential election. Should they vote for the Republican racist Donald Trump whose answer to immigration policy is to build a wall to keep out Mexicans or to throw out all Muslims because they are Muslims.

On the other hand, the Democrats offer us a candidate which has corporate minions gleefully rubbing their palms together. Goldman Sachs, war profiteers, Fox News, Walmart, Citigroup — the list goes on. Both candidates support the military-industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, deficits, entitlements for the rich and invasion of our privacy. The choice is to vote for the evil of these two lessers.

But regardless of the media pledge to not mention them, there are third parties – and they make sense. Take Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party who will give the young opportunity to buy back crushing student debt, just like we did when we bailed out the banks. Without descending into poverty as a result of getting an education, the young can get started on career and family, one of the promises of America. The doctor is in on our messed up health care system, has a solution so that people are not one serious illness away from those same poverty rolls. The two major parties support for renewable energy is iffy, but Dr. Stein recognizes the obvious health and economic benefits of renewables and has a program designed for them to pilot our energy advance to the next century. Jill Stein flat out rejects the investors' rights agreement which is the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership, an agreement that will give corporate entities the right to sue government for monies they might have had. She makes the problems of climate change a priority, has goals, but under TPP climate goals would be nearly impossible to reach.

I want to see Dr. Stein included in the upcoming debates. But the Republicans and Democrats that make the rules will ignore any demand of that nature as they are afraid that America would hear and see one who makes enormous sense and isn't trying to please corporate masters.


— Earl Callahan New Berlin, N.Y.


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