Letter to the editor: Twitter comments don't reflect Vermont values

Comments don't reflect Vermont values

I have read with disgust on Kiah Morris' Facebook page and in the Banner the thoughts (I use the term loosely) of Max Misch. This person in no way represents the views of the majority of Vermonters. He is a racist, plain and simple. I feel dirty knowing that I breathe the same air he does.

Vermont has long prided itself on being forward-thinking on social issues. We were the first state to abolish slavery in its constitution. We led the way in the fight for marriage equality. We have opened our arms in fellowship to those whose homelands made unwelcome. We have never been afraid to take a stand when it might be nationally unpopular not because we are braver or smarter or better, but because it was the right thing to do. That is what makes a Vermonter.

Max Misch is no Vermonter.

Donald Trump's campaign seems to have made some feel that it is OK to spout hatred and vitriol. It is not OK. It is not American, and it certainly does not represent Vermont values. Trump's spiralling poll numbers support this. We are a nation founded on inclusiveness, and our struggle has been to become more inclusive, not less.

I thank him, though, for reminding us that we still have work to do. We need to explore our unspoken (or even unconscious) biases, recognize and explore them, and talk about them so that we can continue to move past them. None of us are perfect, but I like to think that we all strive to be.

I don't always agree with Kiah. That's OK. I don't always agree with anyone! I voted for her the first time and I will again. I know her to be an intelligent, thoughtful woman who always tries to do what is best for Bennington.

I strongly encourage Mr. Misch to run for office. I am confident that the voters of Bennington would let him know in no uncertain terms how we feel about his rhetoric.

Respectfully, I #standwithKiah.

— Tom Haley Bennington


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