Letter to the editor: The fix is in

The fix is in

I would like to offer my opinion on things happening on the political scene of late. I believe the fix is in! I say that, because Hilary Clinton has never stopped smiling. I feel that the rendezvous on the tarmac was no coincidence. It was done to keep others from listening into their conversations. I believe they needed a full alibi to cover up their actions. Here is a near perfect cover: When Bill Clinton hired Janet Reno as attorney general, they fired every attorney whose loyalty to them would be questioned. They hired all their old legal cronies. I believe they pulled the same thing when Obama regained the presidency. I believe that Bill Clinton asked/told our president's attorney general to defer the judgment to the faceless attorney, under her president control. I remember her saying that she was going to let the "career prosecutors" rely on the career politicians and let them review decisions. In this writer's opinion can only mean one thing, the fix is in and Hilary knows it.

— Lawrence "Moe" Harrington Shaftsbury


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